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posted 15 Aug 2020, 18:23 by SABC Badminton   [ updated 15 Aug 2020, 18:24 ]

We have received word from the city and school division about covid, and unfortunately we will not be able to play in the schools for the rest of the calendar year. We will update you with information near the end of the year about possibly resuming play in January.

Statement from City and Schools
We have confirmed with our local school divisions that Community Use of Schools will not be available through the end of December 2020.  The school divisions are currently working on re-entry plans for their students and will not be able to accommodate access to their facilities for the first few months.  We will meet with the school divisions this fall to determine if bookings will be able to resume in January.  At this time we will not be able to book any space for groups in schools.