Summer Camp for Kids

posted 26 Apr 2021, 23:49 by SABC Badminton

Although regular badminton is off until potentially next school year, there are a few camps and things that are still scheduled for this year. We will keep you in the loop regularly of things we hear going on.

Aug 27-29 - King's University Summer Camp for Kids
  • ages 12-17
  • run by coaches and National players
  • full details in attached poster

Final COVID Update

posted 20 Apr 2021, 22:14 by SABC Badminton   [ updated 20 Apr 2021, 22:16 ]

We have heard back from the schools and city and as we all suspected, there will be no more play for the rest of the 2020/2021 season. There is optimism about the 2021/2022 season starting to in September, but we won't know details on that until summer time most likely. We will keep everyone in the loop with what we know.

Statement from City

Hope you are all doing well.  I just wanted to follow up  to let your groups know that the schools will not be providing community use of schools for the remainder of the 2020-2021 season. 


As soon as I hear any information regarding the 2021-2022 season, I will reach out to groups with any information.  I hope that come the end of spring-summer , we  hear good news to get your groups back into the schools come September.

The executive is currently deciding how to proceed with any fees that were paid already for this season, and we will let everyone know as soon as that is decided.

COVID Update

posted 23 Nov 2020, 09:25 by SABC Badminton

The schools have gotten back to us, and confirmed that there will be no availability until at least March at the earliest. We will update with details when we hear anything. Thanks!

Statement from City

This is a follow up email as per the last email sent out back in August regarding no school access for Community Groups until Dec 31, 2020.

The districts have confirmed that there will be no Community Use of Schools through February 2021.  We will be meeting again in January to see if it is possible for March and let you know.


posted 15 Aug 2020, 18:23 by SABC Badminton   [ updated 15 Aug 2020, 18:24 ]


We have received word from the city and school division about covid, and unfortunately we will not be able to play in the schools for the rest of the calendar year. We will update you with information near the end of the year about possibly resuming play in January.

Statement from City and Schools
We have confirmed with our local school divisions that Community Use of Schools will not be available through the end of December 2020.  The school divisions are currently working on re-entry plans for their students and will not be able to accommodate access to their facilities for the first few months.  We will meet with the school divisions this fall to determine if bookings will be able to resume in January.  At this time we will not be able to book any space for groups in schools.

2020 Season Information

posted 22 Jun 2020, 22:13 by SABC Badminton

Dear St. Albert Badminton member,

As you are aware, since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, all sports were put on hold or cancelled, including badminton.  Since March, the City of St. Albert closed all schools which affected our gym time.  The Executives had been holding off cancelling the season, hoping to have a few final playing weeks, but it looks like that will not happen.  We are now officially cancelling the rest of the season. 

On Wednesday, June 10, the Executives held a meeting to discuss some outstanding items: 

·         AGM:  we have also decided to cancel this year’s AGM due to restrictions of large gatherings.

o   The financial statement will be audited the same as in the previous year (Diane Loh and Diane Hajek).

o   The members of the Executive Team will remain the same. THANK YOU all for volunteering (or being “voluntold”):     

President - Billy Ma

Vice President - Naeem Hague

Treasurer - Adam Luv

Secretary - Sokhon Phon

Tournament Director - Royce Loh

Past President - Weng Chee

Web Director - Matt Budd


·         Membership:  if you are an active member this season and are planning to join again next season, you will pay half of the membership fee.  If you are planning to join half-way through the season (February 2021), we will waive the fee.

NOTE:  The fee structure will remain the same.

We are hoping to start back again in September 2020.  This will solely depend on the opening of schools.  We will continue to update our website if new information arises.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

Have a wonderful summer and hope to see all you in September!

COVID-19 Update

posted 26 May 2020, 20:31 by SABC Badminton   [ updated 26 May 2020, 20:31 ]

We've cancelled the remaining play dates in June as the schools are not open. More details to come on the final AGM as well as information about refunds, etc.

More COVID-19 cancellations

posted 20 Apr 2020, 08:13 by SABC Badminton   [ updated 20 Apr 2020, 08:13 ]

All of our scheduled play dates and events in May have been cancelled. We are still keeping up with this fluid situation to figure out about June, and our annual AGM. Stay tuned for details.

More cancellations

posted 6 Apr 2020, 08:40 by SABC Badminton   [ updated 6 Apr 2020, 08:41 ]

We have cancelled the remaining of our April dates and Wing Night until we know more information. Thank you for your understanding and stay stafe!


posted 16 Mar 2020, 13:32 by SABC Badminton

Due to the COVID-19 crisis and the schools cancelling their facilities, all events and play dates are cancelled until further notice.

We have updated the calendar only until after spring break, but will continue to update with cancellations as we get more details.

Upcoming Tournaments and Events

posted 17 Feb 2020, 21:16 by SABC Badminton

Hey gang, just a bit of notice about some cool things coming up soon (full details always available on our Calendar page).

  • Feb 21st - Fun Tournament at SACHS, followed by a Snack Night at St. Louis Bar & Grill
  • Mar 14th/15th - King's University Open Tournament
  • Mar 17th - Wing Night at St. Louis Bar & Grill

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